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Our First President

       Our Future is with Original Intent

Have you ever wondered why our country is so divided?  A number of issues certainly contribute to the problems in modern society, but many issues can be traced to the fact that we are  not following the original intent of our founders that we live and govern ourselves as a united society of happy, prosperous people.

The Revolutionary War was fought in order to create the most democratic government in the history of the world.  A government of the people consisting of the first constitutional representatives and first American President was established for a new nation to be called The United States of America.  This accomplishment was one of the greatest and most significant achievements in the history of the world - a society that set a course to establish the natural rights of all people with full representation of their government, but who were these first people?  Who were these patriots, these movers and shakers who truly "put forth the highest degree of contributions and sacrifice in order to establish this new nation"?  Todays history books do not tell the complete and accurate history of the original Statesmen of the first Congress of the United States of America and the man who served as first President. 

With a significant void in American history, the United States of America celebrates its birthday on the day the nation was conceived while under the control of Great Britain.  Therefore, the United States of America does not celebrate the actual day on which the first representatives and first President took office under the operation of the original Constitution that Americans patriots fought and died to bring forth. We the people celebrate a declaration, and announcement to the American people and to the King of England of our resolve to separate from Great Britain. With the day that Americans celebrates its birth, Americans continued to fight a war while under the rule of Great Britain for an additional five years, and American colonist knew all too well that despite this new declaration of independence, they would need to defeat the British Army before they could give birth to the United States of America under the commencement of the first constitution.  Only then could they establish a new nation with the operation of the government of the United States of America.  

With the defeat and surrender of the British Army at Yorktown in October of 1781 came newfound freedom, and the first U.S. Constitution was put into operation that November.  With the operation of the United States government and a final end to the title of colonist, nearly a decade would pass before George Washington would be elected under the second adopted constitution by which we are still governed. 

As for the first constitution, it is the only document that gives the nation its name:


 and therefore, it is without question - our nations one and only birth certificate.

                                      * * *

This Website is dedicated to President John Hanson and his contributions to the American Revolutionary War and to the birth of our nation. President Hanson was the first President of the United States of America.  He was elected on the basis of the sacrifices he made in order to establish our independence and that first constitution. 

George Washington was elected as the first president of the second constitution to be adopted and has been written into the history books as the first official leader of our nation. This is a bit surprising, as Hanson was elected immediately after the defeat of the British by American patriots and representatives who had the most intimate knowledge of the events of the war. More surprising is the fact that Washington was elected with the participation of only ten states. This was prior to New York, Rhode Island, and North Carolina joining the union. Hanson was unanimously elected by all thirteen states under the original constitution. 

 Neither this website nor the book that will follow is intended to diminish the character, the accomplishments, or the historical significance of President George Washington. The aim is not to distinguish the two Presidents but to clarify the differences between the first two constitutions and to explain the ramifications of our skewing the plan the first patriots enacted. One of the strongest arguments for the abandonment of the original constitution was the inability to collect taxes; under that assumption, people say the first constitution was too weak. Ironically, this argument has always been untrue and disingenuous because the first problem the government encountered under the second constitution was the inability to collect taxes after its ratification. The government became larger and larger, ultimately plunging us into civil war and forming the basis of many of the problems that plague us today.

Many of us assume the history we have been taught is the absolute truth. We’ve had no monumental reason to question authority figures or history books, and we are justly proud of our heritage. But perhaps our view of the truth is limited … is a site that is known for telling its readers what is true and what is false. It tells us John Hanson could not have been the first President because the office of the President did not exist at that time. However, the Snopes folks didn’t perform thorough research. Article nine of the first constitution details the terms of the office of the President. Many news and encyclopedia articles claim that Hanson did not have executive powers when in fact he did. President Hanson enacted his executive power when he endowed General George Washington with liberal authority to negotiate the exchange of British prisoners for the safe return of Americans captives. This executive authority was granted in letter form by President Hanson with his signature and officiated with the great seal of the United States of America. 

The greater cause behind this effort is to not only note the distinctions between the first two constitutions, but also to suggest a fundamental redirection of social, legal, and moral principles for the sake of our country’s future. Many of us have accepted that our survival as a free and prosperous nation depends upon our adherence to principles established by our founders. My research delves deeply into the identity of our true founders and their original intent.

                        — J.J. Cummings



   Omnia relinquit servare republicam 
   (He relinquished everything to save the Republic)


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