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​​History has always been my passion, but the story of first John Hanson and his demise has been an obsession.  I was born in Washington D.C., grew up in the United States Capital building where my mother worked and raised next to where John Hanson passed away in Oxon Hill, Maryland. It was the cemetery location at the Oxon Hill Manor that I wondered why the remains of this first President were missing.  John Hanson is the only President of the original constitution or todays adopted constitution whose remains are missing and to never receive an honorary burial - yet alone an honorary burial of recognition. 

During my early years, I spent a great deal of time during the summer months running around the U.S. Capital building where my mother worked at the United States Senate.  As an adult, I was employed at the same location next to the capital.  The job at a lawyers support service allowed me to drop into the many historical landmarks associated with the American Revolution. Although the position as an investigator ended to pursue employment with the airline industry, the new position with the airline industry opened the door with a greater ability to travel for historical research with frequent trips throughout the original 13 States.  Most importantly, the ability to travel on my days off provided consistent years of investigative research to determine why history has abandoned President John Hanson.  

From years of research, the most surprising aspect about John Hanson was the abundant evidence of his contributions.  In many cases, the discoveries of John Hanson and his contributions were found directly in front of our eyes while the lack of his attachment to the history we are taught created controversy.   With significant discoveries of first President John Hanson, a more realistic and complete History of United States is exposed while providing valuable information to what Americans have been denied and yet to be told.    

After two decades of research on John Hanson and a lifetime of curiosity, I have published this website and links to my blogs, contributions and references to his life. The site will provide additional stories to come as it is also a transition to a future publication called, “Original Intent - The Historical Abandonment of First President John Hanson & The Maryland Line.”

Enjoy the site and by all means feel free to comment or send an email.

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